Top 10 brands of sports shoes for 2019

Top 10 brands of sports shoes for 2019

1. Hi-Tech:

Hi-Tech brand of sports shoes was established in 1974 in United Kingdom. It is one of the leading sports shoes brands in the world and enjoys large sales volume. The sports shoes from Hi-Tech have a wide reach and are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. The other famous category of shoes from the maker includes climbing shoes. The brand is the market leader in the UK sports shoes market.


Asics was founded in the year 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka in Japan. It was founded as the revised version to the previous market leader – Onitsuka tiger sports shoes. In 1970 they became the largest manufacturer of shoes in US and more than 70 percent of athletes wore them. They are famous for the high technology and high quality standards involved in their production. They enjoy a substantial market share in sports shoes market around the world.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes

3 Adidas:

Adi Dassler designed in 1920 the first pair of Adidas shoes for the Germans. Little did he know at that time that the brand would achieve huge success in the years to come and will be a leading brand the world over. The brand represents itself in three lines on the shoes signifying “victory of the three lines” which conveys vision and mission of the company. It received immense public attention in the 1949 Olympics for the first time and since then the brand has never looked back.

Top 10 brands of sports shoes

4. Fila:

The brand was established in 1926; the company is based out of Biella, in Italy. The name is very unique and the founding brothers derived it from the Chinese word “fila”. Italy has always been famous for its fashion brands and the new brand was no exception. The product development and growth has been unmatched till now. It is a particularly famous in the world of soccer.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes

5 New Balance:

The enterprise was founded in 1906 in Boston especially for production of foot shoes. In 1976, they won the title of “the king of running shoes” by the professional sports magazine Runner’s World. In 1999-2000, the company became the fastest growing sports shoes brand in the world. In 2000, Sydney Olympics the track and field teams designated the brand in their sports attire.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes


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Brooks is one of the most famous brands for running shoes in the industry. Brooks DNA technology and its new product “Glycerin 8” have increased its sales volume by huge numbers. It received the award for “best debut” from Runner’s World Winter 2012 Shoe Guide. The other thing that weighs in its advantage is the shoe weight that is only 9.3 ounces and is optimal for tempo runs and races.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes


Mr. Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 created the Converse brand in US. The world’s first basketball shoes were created by the company. In 1917 Converse model of making ‘All Star’ sneakers came out taking world by storm. These shoes have become a craze worldwide. Most call Converse as the ‘Rolls Royce of sports shoes’. In 1991 Converse NBA basketball shoes became the designated racing shoes.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes

8. Puma:

The world renowned sports brand PUMA started its venture in Germany. Christoph von Wilhelm Dassler, a shoemaker in a small shop, founded the business which was later equally divided between his two sons: Adolf Dassler (ADIDAS owner) and Rudolf Dassler (PUMA owner). PUMA holds a big name in the world today and many famous soccer stars from Pele to Gianluigi Buffon have been or are its faces. Usain Bolt is the current star attraction.

Top 10 brands of sport shoes


It was set up in 1895 by Joseph W. Foster in UK with the name KSTAR. Reebok derives its name from the small African antelope and same is the description in the trademark. By 1900 the company became world famous for its shoes embedded with spikes. The company began working under the name REEBOK in 1958 when the original owner founded a new joint venture company with his grandchildren. It is one of the widely recognized brands globally.



The company, named after a Greek Goddess, was founded as late as 1964. Nike is the current market leader in athletic shoes and apparel products. However, its core business is concentrated on manufacturing of sports shoes. The brand is known for its endorsements by the top international athletes. The most recent launch of the company – “Minimalist Nike Free” series of shoes – which makes a person feel barefoot, attracted a huge rush of buyers in retail shops globally.


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