Five Best Shoe Brands in the Philippines

Five Best Shoe Brands in the Philippines


top shoe brands in the Philippines

From flats to heels, you can find all of them at Figlia.

To start our list is the brand Figlia. Ceferino Roxas Enriquez started his shoemaking business in 1955 called Meg’s which catered to men, women, and children. In 1986, he decided to focus on women’s shoes and call it Figlia, which means daughter in Italian. From then, the business grew under the management of his son Joey. Today, they are now one of the top producers of ladies’ shoes in the country. Their trendy designs that span from casual flats to high heels are perfect for formal attire and has become a go-to choice for women.


Two shoe brands made it on our top four!.
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Mendrez sells more than just shoes!

Mendrez started in 1972 and has since grown from selling bags to shoes, and various accessories ideal for young professionals. Mendrez became a favorite among shoe lovers with their casual line of flats and sandals made of sturdy materials which are hip and affordable. Today, their line extends to platform heels, sneakers, and everyday school shoes for teens.

Parisian takes inspiration from shoe trends from Manila to as far as Milan.

Also on the fourth spot is Parisian. Parisian is the shoes and bag brand of The SM Store which was founded in 1986. Founder Henry Sy is known to have built his empire from shoes, and his successors made sure that the item will stay as a top priority in the company. The brand is inspired by Sy’s travels to Paris, with the goal of bringing fashion trends from the country to the Philippines. In recent years, Parisian continues to expand their brand and has since grown from everyday footwear to shoes that can be seen on the runway.


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Voters chose World Balance when it comes to athletic shoes.

The brand that claimed our top three is World Balance. Founded in 1980, World Balance became a popular shoe brand because unlike most local shoe companies that create footwear for office and school, they chose to create sneakers. World Balance caters to children and adults alike who need affordable yet durable footwear which can match their active lifestyle. Today, World Balance has extended their product line from athletic shoes to laidback sneakers and everyday sandals for men and women. They also added a clothing and accessories line in their arsenal, making them a one-stop shop athletics store.


These two Filipino brands made it to our second spot!
CLN started as a small shoe store in the ‘70s at Escolta, Manila. Owners Ben and Vicky Chan started selling shoes for women but their product line has now expanded to bags, accessories, and clothes. The team behind CLN believes they were able to withstand the times with their talent to adapt to changes and improve their product. From Celine, the company decided to change their brand name to CLN to target women who are modern and fashion-forward. With their efforts to expand and cater to a bigger audience, they also added the brands CMG and Traffic Footwear under their belt.
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From school shoes to heels, and even boots, Gibi Shoes has them.

Another contender at number two is Gibi Shoes. Founded by the Castro Family in Marikina, their original business back in 1973 was selling shoe accessories. It was only in 1984 when they’ve decided to focus on making shoes instead. From being a favorite school shoes of kids, Gibi shoes has also become popular with their trendy loafers, sandals, and even sneakers that can be worn by men, women, and children.


Voter’s Comment:
“Most of the shoes I wore during my high school and college days were from Rusty Lopez. The shoes they make are in high quality and fashionable” – Emma

Rusty Lopez is a proudly Filipino made!

The brand that took our top spot is Rusty Lopez. Established in 1977, husband-and-wife tandem Lolito and Lily Lopez opened their first store in Cubao Shoe Expo under the brand name Centropelle. Soon their business grew and their company is now more known through the brand Rusty Lopez and became one of the top shoe brands in the Philippines. Today, Rusty Lopez continues to produce top-notch products which are stylish, practical, and are proudly made in the Philippines. They also continued to expand through the brand C’NTRO by Centropelle which caters to women and Russ a clothing and footwear brand which caters to teens who are into street fashion.


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